I forgot my Gmail password, or I want to change it! How do I reset it?

If you are unable to log in to your Gmail account, you can initiate your account recovery by going to Gmail and using the Can’t access your account? link, which will take you to the recovery page.

If your password does not work:

Use the Can’t access your account? link and choose I don’t know my password to guide you through a password reset using a pre-configured recovery option.

If you cannot do a password reset:

If you’re missing or have invalid recovery options, you will be directed to the Account Recovery Form.  Look for a Verify your identity link from the available options.

If you are told the account does not exist:

Your account may have been deleted, so use the same Account Recovery Form to try and recover it.

If you do not remember the account name:

Use the Can’t access your account? link and click the I don’t know my username option.

If you are unsure what to do:

Or your case is not covered by the above options, try the Google Support Troubleshooter.